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    This Couple Had A Surprise Wedding In A Cinema And It Will Give You All The Feels

    If ever a couple deserved a wedding like this, it's Mario and Elaine Lantigua.

    If you can make it through this film in one piece without welling up, you might be made of stone.

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    Mario and Elaine are huge movie fans, who fell in love on the set of a zombie movie that Elaine was working on.

    Mario said "Elaine has always been in love with filmmaking ever since she was a little girl."

    Mario proposed to Elaine, and she said yes. But then tragedy struck.

    She was diagnosed with cancer. And Mario gave up his time to care for her. He said: "Because of the Hodgkin's lymphoma, she has no immune system. A basic cold could kill her... you don't know the pain it is to see your loved one going through this, and there's nothing I could do."

    Because of their medical bills, the couple had to put off their wedding for six years.

    And so the guys at Prank It FWD decided to do something about it.

    Elaine thought she was going for a standard trip to the cinema with Mario in Jersey City, New Jersey.

    But then Mario slipped out...

    And a trailer came on the screen that was no ordinary trailer.

    It told the story of Mario and Elaine's relationship.

    And suddenly, Elaine began to realise something was up.

    And then Mario came back... and proposed.

    Of course, she said yes.

    And the wedding happened right there, in the theatre.

    Her sisters had picked out a gown, and it was fitted while Elaine had her hair and make-up done.

    And Mario had a cool fitted tux.

    During the ceremony, Elaine told Mario: "I never expected you to be there for me through thick and thin."

    Finally, Mr and Mrs Mario Lantigua were presented to the guests...

    ...before a beautiful wedding reception.

    And Greg Benson, the Prank It FWD host, had two more surprises.

    An all-expenses paid trip to Hollywood, and a cheque for $20,000.

    As he said, "This is one of the best weddings I've ever been to."

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