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The "Scroguard" Is A Condom That Covers Your Entire Pelvis

Can't be too careful. So use a Scroguard.

Have you ever noticed that while a condom covers your penis, it leaves a whole PUBIC REGION uncovered?

BOOM. Problem solved. / Via

You wear this – well, it's basically a rubber nappy – with a condom. / Via

It is, apparently, "thin enough to feel like a second skin". / Via
To a certain extent, the Scroguard isn't totally insane: Although condoms offer a fair amount of protection against STIs, it's still possible to contract some STIs, like herpes, via skin-to-skin contact, even if a condom is being used.
Primary interest has come from casual sex partners and committed couples who want peace of mind, members of the HPV and Herpes community (note: we're not an FDA approved medical device), non-monogamous men and women, and members of the swing and latex fetish community.

So there you have it. The Scroguard. / Via


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