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The Guy Who Made A Rude Gesture At Nigel Farage Has Received Nearly £800 In Drink Fund Donations

It pretty much looks like "Gary" won't need to buy another pint all year.

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In case you somehow missed it, the "Farage Wave" was born outside The Bell Inn in Bath on Tuesday.

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Nigel Farage entered the pub with a BBC TV crew. The senior manager of the pub has issued a statement in which he explains that he told Farage he was welcome to stay and have a pint, but that he felt it was inappropriate for him to use the premises for his hustings.

While he was outside being interviewed, this happened. The protagonist is a man who has thus far only been identifed as "Gary".

The pub was inundated with requests to buy "Gary" from the video a pint.

An online fund was set up. It can be found here.

So far, £771.74 has been raised.

And the fund's organisers tell BuzzFeed that people are apparently visiting the pub from outside Bath to buy Gary a drink.