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The Greater Anglia Trains Twitter Account Had An Almighty Fail A Few Days Ago

And it's still paying the price. (HT @julesmattsson).

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So here's a customer complaint being dealt with a few days ago. Nothing remarkable here.

Except – things are beginning to escalate.

And now the company's starting to give out social media advice, which is a bit weird.

Just a suspicion, but not sure Greater Anglia's social media managers quite get how Twitter works.

Or indeed, what "trolling" is.

Or indeed, what "trolling" is.

This is a train company's Twitter account threatening to block someone.

What is even happening?

Guess what? Now a whole load of other people, including parody accounts, have joined in. Bet no one saw that coming.

Oh dear.

Alan White / BuzzFeed

Still, at least it wasn't a letter this time.

Great complaint letter to Greater Anglia!


Great complaint letter to Greater Anglia!

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