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37 Things That Will Make You Grin Like A Goddamned Fool

Let's brighten up that winter for you.

1. K-Middy's side-eye.

2. Customer relations dog.

Ma’am, I’m doing everything I can

3. Mansplaining fail of the century.

4. The Bishop of Southwark.

Happy Bishop of Southwark day! It's the eighth anniversary of the greatest news story ever:

5. The child that doesn't want you in his face.

6. The ultimate rush-hour crush.

The best thing ever printed in the Metro. Bill from Croxteth Park, make yourself known.

7. The dog that can't.

8. Channel 4 News doing a little GoT homage.

9. This cartoon.

10. The team being strong.

11. Dropping da BEAT.

12. Somerset headline of the day.

13. The guy who made the best of a bad situation.

14. This.

15. DJ Kitty Kat.

16. This puppy.

Day made already. Spotted on @reddit a puppy fell asleep like this!!!

17. The man who ruined this facial hair shape forever.

Today's edition of Cannot Unsee brought to by @abhishekmadan

18. This article feedback.

I would've preferred you speak to me in private Kaitlyn

19. This pro tip.

@TwopTwips convince people you are a moon by taking all your selfies through a toilet roll centre

20. This tree.

21. The noise a chicken makes when it sneezes.

22. This playa.

23. This baller.

24. Dorothy Parker speaking for all writers.

Dorothy Parker to her editor, nailing writer angst.

25. The kid who takes no prisoners.

View this video on YouTube

26. The man who made an elementary mistake.

27. These road planners.

28. Anyone who hates Christmas lights.

29. The dog dressed as a bear on a treadmill.

30. The fire brigade.

31. That one kid.

This kid nailed Christmas art class. (via @SimonNRicketts) #disappointingxmas

32. Scooby having fun.

33. This child's excellent question.

Today my eldest asked me if the Barclays logo is the Twitter bird's dad.

34. That time you needed a Vine to show what it's like getting out of an awkward social situation.

35. This bird being a dick.

36. This Facebook meme.

37. And Lenny Kravitz's scarf.

Hey, everyone! Lenny Kravitz has a new scarf!

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