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Photographers Took Wildly Different Pictures Of This One Guy Because Of Backstory

Canon Australia's experiment aims to show a photograph is "shaped more by the person behind the camera than by what's in front of it".

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This video has racked up over 2 million YouTube views in the last few days.

Canon Australia gave six photographers the same man to photograph...

...but each photographer was given a different backstory for the man – who was in fact an actor.

The photographer who took this had been told the man was a psychic.


And the photographer who took this thought he was an alcoholic.


This photographer thought he was an ex-convict.


This one thought he had saved someone's life.


This one thought he was a self-made millionaire.


And this photographer thought he was a fisherman.


Finally, the photographers were shown their work, and the truth was revealed to them.


"I thought that's really strange...these don't look like portraits of the character I thought [he was]", said one.

Watch the full experiment here.

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