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    The 11 Most Disturbing Works Of Monster Erotica You Can Buy On Amazon

    Last month BusinessInsider reported on the growing love for erotic monster literature on Amazon. Here are some stand-out literary creations.

    1. Mounted and Bred by the Mermen.

    Daros Island is rumored to be cursed, but that doesn't stop Nerida from plundering the merfolk temple in pursuit of the fabled Conch of Asabanal. When her plan goes awry, the unlucky tomb raider quickly discovers that the only way she's going to get out alive is with a merman's baby in her belly. The temple guardians are only too happy to punish Nerida's nubile, fertile body for her crimes... This 7,800 word erotic fantasy adventure includes graphic and explicit descriptions of sexual intercourse between a daring young adventurer and a group of mermen and is intended for mature readers.

    2. Stolen by the Cyclops.

    Claire is a beautiful nerdy 19 year old on vacation in Cyprus with her best friend, Beth. And she's not having a very good time. While Beth is busy sunbathing by day and partying by night, Claire is forced to tag long when all she really wants to do is take in some of the historical sites and learn more about the country's culture. Fortunately, a few nights before they have to leave, Beth finally agrees to go see a collection of ancient ruins. Coincidentally, these ruins prove to be much more than abandoned historical sites and Claire finally gets her chance to get up close and personal with history. Whether she wants to or not! Stolen By The Cyclops is a 7,000+ word short story that contains rough reluctant sex with a mythical monster, oral deflowering of a virgin, domination, anal play and a strangely sexy horny mythical creature who hasn't had sex in a long time. For mature audiences only!

    3. The Horny Werewolf.

    The Breeding Barn where abduction can be your biggest fear or your greatestpleasure........Corinne has been kidnapped and brought to a "breeding barn" where she is expected to breed with not-so-mythical creatures. She is put in a cage with a Minotaur who refuses to play the breeders' game. Corinne's only friend is a breeder named Dean, who is being blackmailed by the man who runs the show. When the breeders in charge decide to switch Corinne's mate, will Dean get there in time to stop The Horny Werewolf?

    4. Mated to the Kraken.

    Being an aristocrat's daughter can be dull as all hell. So Catherine takes a chance and stows away on a ship, hoping for adventure and excitement. Little does she expect the carnal ecstasies that will befall her only hours later. The Kraken, she thought, was only a myth. Never in her wildest dreams did she think she'd come face to face with it, let alone find herself in the greatest state of sexual pleasure imaginable. This 4000-word tale is erotic and full of explicitly sexual scenes involving an innocent young woman, a horny sea monster and a whole lot of pervy sailors. It's written for those with very naughty minds who enjoy delving into the extraordinary, the dark and the dirty now and then. Welcome to a new guilty pleasure.

    5. The Apemen Cumeth.

    Research students Cara and Missy have just been given the opportunity of a lifetime - to study the breeding habits of the rare Adebowale primates. However, the pair soon encounters another group of creatures deep within the jungle that has mating ideas of its own...In the darkest reaches of the Ntombi bush lurks a yet undiscovered group of ape-like primitives in search of nubile human broodmares.Without warning, the young women are captured by the beasts and taken to their village. Once there, they learn that the creatures must utilize their bodies to repopulate their group or face certain extinction.

    6. Mounted and Bred by the Centaurs.

    When Eslyn and Arlo find themselves caught in the middle of a brutal war between the humans and the centaurs, they must find a way to make themselves useful to their captors. Arlo can show the centaurs the best place to lay an ambush for the king, but what can Eslyn, a simple peasant girl, hope to offer a rough band of warrior beast men other than her fertile, nubile body...? This 14,000 word erotic fantasy adventure includes graphic and explicit descriptions of sexual intercourse between a resourceful heroine and a group of powerful centaur warriors and is intended for mature readers.

    7. Frankenstien's (sic) Bitch.

    The Monster lives again!WARNING: Contains graphic and explicit sexual content and situations. This book is not intended, and should not be viewed by anyone below the age of 18.Emily agrees to accompany her friends Jim and Sally on a vacation to Europe. After a devastating divorce, Emily could use the trip to take her mind off the heartbreak of her cheating ex-husband.Traveling to Germany, Jim suggests they 'check out' the original Castle Frankenstein, now a tourist attraction. While Jim and Sally explore the ruins, Emily decides to head back to the hotel, still tired from jet lag. After falling through an ancient passageway, Emily discovers a long hidden chamber that is home to the creature known simply as Frankenstein.Terrified yet fascinated, Emily inspects the apparently lifeless corpse, its huge penis the center of her attention. Will Emily give in to her curiosity and touch the penis? Will the creature awaken? Or will she simply flee the room and try to escape the hole she fell through?

    8. The Horny Leprechaun.

    All Karen wanted to do was go to Ireland. That is until she goes out hiking one day and finds the rainbow's end. Unfortunately, she runs into one pissed off Leprechaun who thinks she is after his gold. Now the Leprechaun wants payment for trespassing with sexual acts that some called depraved while others might call it magically delicious. Karen finds herself with a bit of a sadistic man who takes what he wants and Karen finds that she likes it.

    9. Fertilized in Space.

    Warning, if you are easily offended, don't like bondage, hot sex and dark erotica situations, look away.But if you like hot alien sex, and pregnancy erotica then this one is for you!Alice is just a young waitress working in a small diner when she is abducted by space aliens., Their plan? Plant their eggs deep inside her so she can be one of many surrogates for them. Alice survives the gruesome procedure and carries half a dozen of their large eggs inside her, but that's not the worst of it.To keep the pregnancy viable, she will need to have a steady stream of sex, to keep the eggs growing and thriving. Alice can't think of anything worse, but she falls in love with Stud, her alien and wants only to be with him.As her pregnancy advances, Alice becomes more and more obsessed with him and making love until it's the only thing she can think of.Will any humanity be left in her by the time she's ready to give birth?

    10. Mating with the Jungle Tentacle Plant.

    The HOT sequel: "Mating with the Jungle Tentacle Plant 2: Mating in Paradise" is now available!Dr. Elizabeth Morrel is exploring the rainforest in search of the rare ontalya plant, which may be the cure for cancer. When she finally discovers it after months of searching, she's suddenly overtaken by unexpected horniness. As she seeks relief, Elizabeth realizes the ontalya is more than just a plant, but actually an alien creature looking to breed with her. Will Elizabeth help the creature with its sexy plan or try to escape its grasp and abandon her research?This 4500 word short story is for adults only. It includes adult content, including explicit sexual situations.

    11. Alien Seed.

    Stranded in the desert after her car breaks down, Lacey has no reception and is all alone. When it all seems hopeless, something notices her on the side of the road, and it's not a state trooper or a tow truck...Lacey wakes up on an alien examination table, not yet aware of what's in store for her. The shape-shifting aliens who have abducted her intend to use her fertile body to advance their species, and deliver untold pleasure while they're at it! Can Lacey take all the pleasure they submit her to and withstand their monstrous onslaught?Warning! This 8900 word story contains a bunch of stuff that's way too steamy to mention in the blurb. Mature audiences only.