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    That Guy Who Photobombs Stock Photos Is Back And He's Bombing Even Harder

    "I can no longer sit idly by as the phonies and fakes of the world go unpunished."

    Do you remember Matt Vescovo? You can't see him in this picture...

    ...but you can in this one. Vescovo, 45, from Los Angeles, is better known online as the Stock Photobomber.

    Earlier this year, his hilarious project to inject himself into the unreal world of stock photos went viral.

    And he's got a new project: He's trying to crowdfund a book of his best bombs.

    On the Kickstarter page, he writes: "As an art director in advertising, I’ve spent years sifting through stock photography."

    "I find that when I look at stock photos, I experience the same uncomfortable feeling I have when a bank teller asks me with a forced smile how my morning is goin', or when I eat soy-based meatloaf."

    "It’s not simply that my teller’s greeting and the meat substitute are fake, it’s how hard they pretend that they’re not — that bothers me."

    "I can no longer sit idly by as the phonies and fakes of the world go unpunished."

    "I'm sure you understand as you yourself have been assaulted by bad stock photography on a daily basis..."

    "My response...with Photoshop 6.0 and my own raw emotion I give stock photos what they are missing...a soul."

    Vescovo told BuzzFeed: "I love the idea of having one physical object that houses everything stock photobomb. It’s like this book is the Costco of stock photobombs."

    "I don’t mean that the photobombs come in large sizes that are a better value, but more that there’s a ton of different ones in this book."

    "The other reason I’m excited about making this book is that I feel like the format allows for some new photobomb series that I probably wouldn’t have explored digitally."

    All hail the Stock Photobomber!

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