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    "Teddy Bear Lost And Found" Is The Sweetest Public Service On The Internet

    A definitive database has been created to reunite children with their missing toys.

    Teddy Bear Lost and Found began as a Facebook page in September 2012. It displays pictures of teddies that have been recently lost...

    …and found.

    The service has had scores of successes...

    ...which makes it one of the best websites to visit if you're ever feeling down.

    [The majority of cases] are from the UK but I list lost and found […] world wide. Most are the very dear seminal teddies of very young kids, but occasionally we get lost traveling teddies listed by adults and they are no less upset about their loss.

    One such case is Winston von Bark.

    There is also a special plea for the safe return of Ra the Lion.

    For more information you can also check the Twitter account and a full database on Pinterest.