“Teddy Bear Lost And Found” Is The Sweetest Public Service On The Internet

A definitive database has been created to reunite children with their missing toys.

1. Teddy Bear Lost and Found began as a Facebook page in September 2012. It displays pictures of teddies that have been recently lost…


3. The service has had scores of successes…


4. …which makes it one of the best websites to visit if you’re ever feeling down.


5. The site’s owner wants to remain anonymous, but tells BuzzFeed:

[The majority of cases] are from the UK but I list lost and found […] world wide. Most are the very dear seminal teddies of very young kids, but occasionally we get lost traveling teddies listed by adults and they are no less upset about their loss.

6. One such case is Winston von Bark.

He’s the traveling companion of two adult Brits who lost him at the French Market in New Orleans in September 2013. A man was seen picking him up moments after the woman dropped him. They had this dog for years: he traveled everywhere with them. They are offering a $1000 reward for his return.

7. There is also a special plea for the safe return of Ra the Lion.

His owners say he went missing on the 30th December 2013 around Ivybridge, Devon, or perhaps at Go Outdoors in Plymouth or the Torpoint Ferry.

8. For more information you can also check the Twitter account and a full database on Pinterest.


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Alan White is a news editor for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.
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