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Staff At A Hotel In Cyprus Killed A Puppy By Putting It In A Waste Crusher

The Mail on Sunday reports that British tourists are calling for a boycott of the Anastasia Beach Hotel.

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Last month, "Billy", a stray poodle, was put in a large recycling bin fitted with an electrically operated crushing mechanism by staff at the Anastasia Beach Hotel in Cyprus.

BOYCOTT Anastasia Beach Hotel #Cyprus. #animalkillers

Funky Pigeon@FunkyPigeon1

BOYCOTT Anastasia Beach Hotel #Cyprus. #animalkillers

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He was found by holidaymakers lying at the bottom of the bin, still alive, but with horrific injuries, including a broken back and brain damage. He would die a few days later.

Expats and holidaymakers are outraged and an online petition has been set up.

It calls for "Billy's law", which would, among other things, create a national database of cruely cases and a network of animal welfare officers across the island.

There have been protests outside the hotel, with tourists and expats marching outside and waving banners.

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One tourist told the Mail that she feared there would be a riot, while Nicos Anastasiades, the president of Cyprus, condemned the death and described the incident as "a disgrace for society and our country". Thomas Cook and easyJet, which both offer holidays to the hotel, have said they are extremely concerned.

Hotel management received complaints from customers about the fact that a sick stray puppy wandered around. The hotel manager immediately gave instructions to two employees to take the puppy to a local shelter to obtain appropriate care. Unfortunately, the employees did not follow the instructions and proceeded to an inhuman act, unacceptable and condemnable by Tsokkos Hotels. As soon as Tsokkos Hotels became aware of the incident, the puppy was transferred to a veterinary clinic to receive all necessary treatment.