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    A Guy Is Trolling His Local Bookstore With Fake Self-Help Books And They're Hilarious

    Yep. Jeff Wysaski is at it again.

    Remember how Jeff Wysaski, 32, was trolling his local bookstore with fake sections? Well, he's got a new thing going on now.

    Yup, making fake self-help books.

    He told BuzzFeed that he actually came up with this new prank while scouting for locations in the process of doing his last one.

    "Looking at some of the books gave me the idea to create parody versions," he said.

    And he said he's had a great response.

    "Several redditors guessed the bookstore it was in (Book Soup) and ran out to try and find them," he said.

    And the store enjoyed it too.

    Wysaski said: "The store itself actually made a post about it on their Instagram, so they were good sports about it."

    Well done, everyone.