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Kay Burley Tweeted About A Sad-Looking Dog In Paris And Everyone's Taking The Piss

We've finally got something we can laugh at.

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This morning Sky News anchor Kay Burley, reporting from Paris, chanced upon an image that she felt summed up the recent tragedy.

In fairness, Burley has been reporting flat-out on the tragedy for 48 hours now, but it became clear the internet felt she might be stretching things a bit.

@KayBurley so powerful. Call Pulitzer, I think we have a winner...

So insightful @KayBurley Please let us know how the pigeons are coping in the aftermath Stay strong Rover. We cock our legs with you


And pretty soon...

...this sort of thing was all everyone was seeing on their Twitter feeds.

"Kay Burley though mate.." "I know mate, I know." "The dog mate, the sadness." "I know mate."


Inevitably, #SadnessInHisEyes began to trend.

Mostly people were happy that Burley had finally given them something to laugh at.

Even dogs that didn't show the required amount of grief were shamed.

.@KayBurley So angry at this dog actually happy about Paris atrocities. Name and shame him. He's called Biscuits.


My dog writing a poignant opinion piece. He broke down immediately after this photo. #sadnessinhiseyes @KayBurley

A helpline has been set up #sadnessinhiseyes

The animal world reacts to Burleys tweet. #SadnessInHisEyes


And now you know why you keep seeing it.


Needless to say, she brushed off the fuss.

Only one thing worse than being talked about... 😊

Phew. Thanks, Kay.