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Richard Ayoade Politely Destroyed The Media Interview Process On "Channel 4 News" Last Night

"Don't thank me, I've done nothing for you."

This is utterly splendid.

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The backstory: Richard Ayoade was on TV to promote his new book Ayoade on Ayoade.

Which you'd think is a book by Richard Ayoade about Richard Ayoade.

But, as he explained, it isn't.

So what did Ayoade want to talk about?

Well, really, he wanted to talk about the constructed nature of the media interview, by way of a similarly awkward interview with Quentin Tarantino. Some things he didn't want to talk about (but did): his book, diversity in the media, and immigration from Norway.

Except this interview wasn't really awkward. It was an elaborate comment on the nature of the process.

It's unclear to what extent Channel 4's Krishnan Guru-Murthy was in on it. It seems likely he had plenty of insight into what was coming. Also if you didn't manage to laugh at the line "it's a hell of a medical form", congratulations.

This right here is the greatest end to an interview you'll see for some time.

Ayoade's book is out now. Well, he deserves to get some publicity for it.

Here's that Tarantino / Ayoade mash-up you were after.

Guru Murthy has now published a blog about the interview, in which he confirms the whole thing was – as you probably realised – set up.