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This Cul-De-Sac Might Be The Worst Place To Live In Britain

What with it being next to a 40-foot high, 18,000-ton mountain of stinking rubbish and all.

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Welcome to Cornwall Drive, St Paul's Cray, Bromley!

Jim Bennett

It's a road where house prices have dropped by £25,000. You can probably guess why. It's because there's a rancid pile of rubbish at the end of it. Why? Because the Environment Agency is currently locked in a legal battle with the firm that runs the waste disposal site, claiming it has not been paying for the mound to be treated and sent on for disposal or recycling elsewhere.

As you can imagine, it's making the residents' lives an absolute misery.

Jim Bennett

Alan Cowburn, 74, a retired printer who has lived there since 1971, told the Daily Mail: "It’s a nightmare, all the dust, the huge lorries with their reversing beepers. The smell can be overpowering outside, like burnt plastic. It sometimes permeates into my house. I’ve been violently sick on occasions. I’m sure we get more flies round here than we used to, and I’ve seen a few rats. I’d do anything to get rid of it."

The court case is due to continue next week.