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    "OkComrade" Is OkCupid For Communists And Is An Actual Thing

    "Forget OKCupid. Too bourgeois." H/T Popbitch.

    Actual thing.

    Via Facebook: OKComrade

    Really. Actual thing.

    It includes this sort of profile.

    And this sort of profile.

    Side note: about 75% of results for "dating" in stock picture sites have a weirdly wholesome couple posing so that the girl's being carried around like some sort of backpack.

    There's also this exchange which is either terrible or amazing: frankly it's hard to say.

    Another thing that shines through the site is that communists like cats.

    Right, that's pretty much all you need. If you're looking for a Comrade then get yourself here.

    And if that's not working you can always stay home and play Full Communism 2048.

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