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    Now You Can See The IMDB Ranking Of All Your Favourite TV Shows In Graphs

    Just enter them into GraphTV.

    Graph TV is a genius website by programmer Kevin Wu.

    All you have to do is enter the name of your favourite show, and it'll chart each episode against its IMDB rating. It also creates linear regressions for each series. A lot of the time you'll find it confirming stuff you already knew, but that's kind of satisfying. For example, you can see...

    That Friends was a consistently solid performer, and people liked the finale.

    Those two high-flying Seinfeld episodes are "The Soup Nazi" and "The Contest".

    A slow decline for The Simpsons over the years.

    No prizes for guessing which episode that purple dot in the top right is.

    The Office started strongly but went downhill a little.

    Lost had some really good epsodes and some really bad ones.

    Dexter is a popular show but you can see the point where people are starting to think it's jumped the shark.

    Every series of The Wire picked up steam.

    Peple didn't much like that fourth season of Arrested Development at first.

    They didn't like series 4 of The Sopranos so much as the others.

    They think Family Guy is consistently funny, but they sure didn't like Brian's death.

    Character development episodes are often unpopular (that blue dot at the bottom is Daryl and Beth in the woods).

    Enter your favourite shows here.