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North Korea Has The "World's Worst Airline" And Here's What It Looks Like

You might find this rather surprising.

These pictures come from Aram Pan's DPRK 360, in which he is aiming "to capture the essence of North Korea through the use of 360° panoramas, photos and videos."

Earlier this year Pan flew Air Koryo, North Korea's state airline. It has the lowest rating of all on Skytrax – just one star.

Above you can see the new terminal in Pyongyang, which is still being built and is, Pan believes, going to be ready next year.

Earlier this year, Pan boarded one of the airline's Ilyushin Il-18s – a Soviet-era aircraft.

Well, he told Business Insider: "It was an experience I will remember for a long, long time."

And there's no doubt that this cockpit looks rather aged.

These control panels probably wouldn't appeal to anyone who's already got a fear of flying...

And the seats don't look all that comfortable either. Though you can just fold the one in front down for extra leg room. Assuming no one's in it.

Pan writes: "Entertainment is limited to only one channel playing their DPRK dramas and documentaries."

Not sure how secure that luggage is, either.

However, the toilets are apparently clean, and there are safety instructions.

And not only is there a trolley service...

...the food was better than he expected.

"For snack/tea time, we are served a burger that tastes very similar to Malaysia's 'Ramlee Burger', minus the fried egg," he writes.

And this is the sickness bag, which he says he didn't need because it was a "smooth flight".

So all in all, while somewhat rudimentary, it got Pan to his destination in one piece. His project gives a pretty fascinating insight into the country: check it out here.