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28 Individuals Who Failed And Failed Damn Hard

You, sir, have failed. Oh yes you have.

1. Benjamin.

2. This teacher.

3. Whoever provided this dove.

4. Everyone involved in this.

Barber: What kind of cut you Him: Just fuck me up

5. Tom.

6. These chefs.

7. Mike.

Bugger. Turns out I wasn't out of shot.

8. This person who is hopefully OK now.

9. These people.

10. These kissers.

11. The man who failed at mansplaining.

12. Everyone involved in the creation of this lion.

13. Anyone who takes their hoover for a walk.

Once you’ve seen a guy walking his pet Hoover, there is really nothing left to see.

14. This Santa.

View this video on YouTube

15. This TV schedule.

16. The commuter who just ruined a woman's morning.

17. This sub-editor.

Disastrous falling apostrophe calamity hits The Argus #brighton #proofreading

18. This reviewer of The Shining.

19. Whoever wanted to ask this question.

I just saw this thing about gayness being responsible for the dinosaurs dying out and I can't stop laughing.

20. This. All of this. This is my life.

21. Whoever's selling these.

22. Everyone involved in the making of the worst Vine of all time.

23. This parent.

24. This show-off.

25. Anyone who just got third-degree burns on Facebook.

26. Neil and his gym regime.

27. Anyone who buys condoms in front of a nun.

28. And this newspaper sub-editor.

29. Bonus: anyone worried about their Wi-Fi particles.