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Man Makes Polite Request To Photoshop Community, Carnage Predictably Ensues

Basic rule of life: don't ask people to Photoshop your picture for you.

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So over at Retouching Academy, a polite request came in a few days ago.

Needless to say, that's not how I spend my time (retouching snapshots for strangers at no charge), and normally I would disregard this message, but this time (thanks to the Retouching Academy team members, and specifically to Jaron), I took a moment to share the source file in our Retouching Academy Community Group.I made sure the owner of the photo was ok if my friends touched it up for him, of course.

We know where this is going, don't we?

John Paul Zampetti / Via
John Paul Zampetti / Via
Christina Kaykova / Via
Christina Kaykova / Via
Tina Barker / Via
Levi Sherman / Via
Hermawan Tjioe / Via
Simon Jenkins / Via
Alicia Rae Hansen / Via
Akshay Sawant / Via
Mehmet Kocaman / Via
Daive Rich / Via
Tony Anastasi / Via
Viviana Stockwell / Via

And many lols were had, not least by the guy who made the original request...