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A College Student Designed Some Ice Cream Flavours For Women With PMS

You wish these were real.

So here are some potential ice cream flavours for PMS sufferers.

They were invented by Parker Jones, a 21-year-old college senior who's currently at school in Oklahoma.

She told BuzzFeed: "The idea for doing ice cream packaging was a suggestion from one of my professors, and from there I came up with the PMS concept; it honestly took a long time to get the punchline just right for each individual ice cream."

At present, this is just an idea for packaging – albeit a pretty genius one.

So who wants to make this a thing? Jones said, "I personally have no idea about ice cream production, but if someone does and wants to join in on my little ice cream joke, I would love to help out. Who [could] pass up an opportunity to eat ice cream – I'm sorry, I mean, produce ice cream – and design for a living?"

You can check out some of Parker's other designs here.

She said: "It's mainly print design for other fictitious companies, but maybe one day I'll be able to use humor to produce real products that will be on shelves or – in this case, freezers – soon!"

Jones added: "I'm gearing up to graduate in May so I'm currently looking for jobs in the graphic design field; so hit me up if you need me!"

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