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    Look What Two Art Students Leave On A Classroom's Chalkboard Every Week

    Dangerdust are two anonymous students who create these inspirational quote designs and leave them in a classroom at Columbus College of Art and Design every week.

    They tell BuzzFeed: "As graphic designers we can get stuck working at the computer A LOT."

    "We wanted something that would motivate us to get up and do work every week, but we also wanted to share the motivation and inspiration with the students and faculty at our school."

    "We never thought we would have kept it up this long or that we would have garnered this much attention."

    "It's been wonderful and we are so grateful! "

    "We usually plan the boards the day before we chalk them."

    "Just choosing the person and quote we are going to pick takes a long time."

    "Then we design the board by sketching it out."

    "The actual chalking process takes around 6 hours. Our longest board took 11 hours."

    "We always do it in one fell swoop and don't take breaks. Except dance breaks."

    "At the end we are delirious. But happy."

    Why are they anonymous? "It's fun! We have never really been big into social media, but this gives us an identity to do it from."

    "Sometimes people will smudge the board or run their finger through it, but that's just a part of public art."

    "Overall people at our school have been very supportive."

    "They are the ones that really motivate us to keep making these boards each week."

    "Our school kicks ass."

    The pair have an awesome Instagram account you can follow.

    And you can view high-res versions on this site.