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    Updated on Aug 21, 2020. Posted on May 22, 2014

    Look At This Artist's Splendid Drawing Of A Little Girl And Her Imaginary Pet

    Marija Tiurina is one very talented lady.

    This piece is called "The Companion".

    Marija says: "They've traveled for a long time, saw many beautiful places and met a lot of new people, creatures and animals who joined them as their journey continued."

    "They arrived to something that resembles the edge of the world, and at first it might seem that their adventure has come to an end, but the girl is pointing at something high above that we cannot see."

    "It’s a metaphor for life experience and the luggage of our imagination."

    "Everyone has a friend - the creature of mind - that follows them from the first day of their life, picking up experience, memories and emotions."

    Marija's art is brilliant. This is "London Market Illustrated".

    This is one of her Twin Peaks sketches.

    And this is her fabulous homage to Leon.


    You can find out more about Marija here, and you really should.

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