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    Stunning Footage Shows London In The '20s Versus London Now

    Director and producer Simon Smith has spliced together a 1927 film by cinematographer Claude Friese-Greene with his own footage. The charming result shows how little the city has changed.

    The side-by-side footage makes for a fascinating comparison.

    For six months I'd take my camera out at weekends, or occasionally be in a place and realise it was from the film. It would send a shiver down my spine knowing that 87 years ago a guy was doing exactly the same thing. I was very happy with the final result.

    And he was particularly struck by how buses and taxis are part of the "DNA of the city".


    Some things don't change. Petticoat Lane is as manic as it ever was.


    Marble Arch is pedestrianized, but looks the much the same.


    Some things, on the other hand, are definitely different.

    Watch the full video here.

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