Latest Homeless Figures Suggest Over 2,000 Families Will Spend Christmas In B&Bs

They also show 85,000 children are likely to wake up homeless.

1. The Government’s figures on statutory homelessness have just been released.


2. They make clear the number of homeless families is on the rise.


3. And they also suggest 85,000 children will wake up homeless on Christmas morning.

The soaring cost of housing means it’s increasingly difficult for local authorities to source suitable self-contained temporary accommodation, leaving many with no choice but to place families in B&Bs or hostels.

4. Louise and her four children are homeless and living in one room in a B&B in west London.

5. They are one of 2,000 families living in B&Bs over Christmas. A recent investigation into living conditions found:

Of the families with school age children, all of the children found it very difficult to do their homework.

More than half of the families had to share a bathroom or toilet with strangers, with 10 sharing with seven or more other people.

One family living in a B&B with their daughter reported a man threatening to “smash her face in” after an argument about a shared bathroom.

6. Erika and her four year old daughter were made homeless last Christmas. They had to share a toilet in their accommodation with 30 other people.

Alan White/Buzzfeed

7. She tells BuzzFeed:

We had one room and nowhere else to go – it was horrible. The most difficult thing was that the house was so noisy with people always coming and going all hours of the day. It was really difficult for Evelina to get to sleep and she was always exhausted. She was too scared to go to the toilet on her own.

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Alan White is a news editor for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.
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