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This Couple Had A "Game Of Thrones"-Themed Wedding

And no one was brutally murdered either.

Meet Darren Prew, 37, and Kerry Ford, 33, from Hereford.

They've just had the most extraordinary wedding you've ever seen. They just got married dressed as Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow.

Their best man (Mike McKeown, 33) was dressed as a White Walker. Their best woman (Carey McKeown, 35) was dressed as Ygritte.

The father of the bride — Terry Ford, 66 — was Hodor, and the groom’s sister — Samantha Crump, 39 — was dressed as Brienne of Tarth.

The organisers hired Eastnor Castle, near Ledbury, for the ceremony.

The elaborate makeover of the 12-strong wedding party took more than 50 hours of fitting, styling, and theatrical makeup — handled by a professional team.

The groom's brother-in-law was also the mighty Khal Drogo, while the mothers of the bride and groom played Catelyn Stark and Melisandre.

Bride Kerry explained: “I was on Facebook one evening and I saw an ad seeking couples to marry Game of Thrones style. I mentioned it to Darren. I said, 'Who on earth would do that?' Little did I know that he then went online and applied — without telling me!”

Adrian Letts, managing director of Blinkbox Movies, which ran the competition, added: “We are obsessed with Game of Thrones and we wanted to reward a couple that are as passionate about it as us. Our policy at Blinkbox is simple: We make entertainment brilliant. We hope we’ve done that here today.”

Though there was no sign of Walder Frey for some reason.

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