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In Case You Were Wondering, The Students Of Warwick Aren't Under Attack From A Racist Swan

This is not a thing that is happening.

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There have been reports it's a racist.

Henry Nicholls / Newsteam

One 24-year-old student from India is quoted as saying: “These swans are very annoying, and the students feel as though they’re being bullied. I’m from India, and they attack me especially, they focus straight on me." Another describes it as "a true right winger for sure."

But let's be honest. It's not a racist.

Henry Nicholls / Newsteam

A Warwick University spokesman says: "The story arose after a student was contacted about something they had posted on social media that they intended to be humorous. The student is greatly saddened to see how a flippant remark they then made was reported. The student says that they now both regret and withdraw that remark."

And for your information Geoff Grewcock, the manager of nearby Warwickshire Wildlife Sanctuary, says the aggressive behaviour isn't uncommon: “Because it’s breeding season, it would be normal for swans to behave that way – particularly if they’re in a pair, as in this case. The females will be laying eggs or nesting, and this is a territorial thing – there’s nothing you can do to appear less threatening, it’s best to keep well away."