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    This Couple Had A Superhero Wedding And It's The Sweetest Thing You've Ever Seen

    This is fantastic. The lovely photos are by Jacquelyn Phillips.

    Meet Reinesha and Devan. They got married at the Chapel at the Farm in Arizona, as Superman and Wonder Woman.

    Reinesha said, "My husband Devan has been my Superman from the day I laid eyes on him. ... He's selfless, giving, and a helper."

    "He has such an amazing heart and he tends to do things in one day that I couldn't get done in a year."

    "He also calls me Wonder Woman because I was a single mother and had so much on my plate. He never understood how I had time and was never tired."

    "So we started calling each other Kal-El and he would call me Diana Prince, which we still do to this day."

    "The kids loved it from the beginning as they really think we are superheroes by night and parents by day."

    Devan said, "I have said she is Wonder Woman from the moment we met, and I found out everything she's been through and accomplished. She has always said I came in like Superman and changed her life."

    "It was announced that Superman and Wonder Woman were getting a comic series and we decided to do the theme. The kids loved the idea of being the Amazons in training and the clone of Superman."

    Devan said, "I am a HUGE COMIC BOOK JUNKIE; Comic Con in San Diego is my Mecca."

    "So when we renew our vows we are going to do it on a grander scheme and involve everyone. We were thinking a Justice League theme with villains as well, so stay tuned!" said Reinesha.

    In summary, Reinesha and Devan's wedding was amazing.