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No One Knows Why This House For Sale In Ipswich Has A Pig In It

Though reports of a wolf outside attempting to blow it down have not been confirmed.

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Hi. Here is a house for sale in Ipswich. It's on the market at £120,000.

It boasts a kitchen.

And a bedroom.

And a pig.

Wait what?

No, this is not a drill.


BuzzFeed attempted to phone the estate agents to find out if the pig was a previous resident, comes with the house, or is currently attempting to negotiate with someone further up the chain, but we couldn't get a response. We'll update if we hear back.

This post originally contained the line "reports of a fox outside attempting to blow it down have not been confirmed". This is factually accurate but we should make clear a wolf, big, bad, or otherwise, hasn't been seen outside the house either.

Sadly, the pig photo is no more. It was apparently the owner's pet, and is not for sale, according to the BBC.