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    Ikea Just Cancelled A Bunch Of Massive Games Of Hide And Seek In Its Stores


    So here's a Facebook event inviting people to play hide and seek in Ikea in Amsterdam.

    Facebook: events

    A Facebook event for which 19,000 people have signed up.

    Which is hardly surprising, because how much fun does this look?

    As you can see, it wouldn't have been the first time this happened.

    The pictures in this post are from an event last summer, when hundreds of people went to an Ikea in Belgium for a giant game of hide and seek. It took place after a blogger by the name of Elise De Rijck came up with the plan on a bucket list of things to do before her 30th birthday, ABC News reported. She told the site: “Initially, I created a Facebook event for my friends, but thousands of people started joining. Ikea contacted me and said they wanted to help me organise the event. They had to spend money hiring extra staff and security, but it brought them a lot of attention.”

    There was a smaller event in Sweden in 2009. However, this event in Coventry in back in 2010 ended up being cancelled.

    And sadly Ikea has pulled the plug on its latest ones in the Netherlands too. :(

    Bloomberg reported that 32,000 people signed up to play at the Eindhoven store, 19,000 in Amsterdam, and 12,000 at the one in Utrecht, but according to the group's spokesperson the games would have been "too hard to control".

    However, as The Atlantic pointed out, there are a whole bunch of smaller Facebook groups devoted to the game.

    Beats shopping. Definitely beats shopping.

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