How “The Mountain And The Viper” Episode Of “Game Of Thrones” Broke The Internet


1. So last night a really gruesome and bad thing happened on Game of Thrones.


2. Which you would really think the internet would be used to by now.


3. Because this is what happens.

4. You need to understand.

5. This is what happens.

6. This. Is. What. Happens.

7. There were clues out there, even if you hadn’t read the books.

8. But no one seemed to spot them.

9. There was shock.

truest thing I've ever seen #gameofthrones

— ∞ cieratzogas (@cieratee)

nooooooo whyyyyyyyyyyy #gameofthrones

— Gemma Gallagher (@gemmaa_g)

I want to curl up in a ball with a bottle of wine and silently rock back and forward #gameofthrones

— Rosie Jackson (@_RosieJayne)

13. And re-creating what happened with fruit doesn’t make it better.

A dramatic reconstruction of the brutal ending of the last episode of Game of Fruit #GoT #GameOfThrones

— THE STUDIO EXEC (@studioexec1)

15. Nor, indeed, any kind of foodstuff.

Hey #GameofThrones fans, I’ve made you breakfast.

— Julia Raeside (@JNRaeside)

16. And McDonald’s mascots actually make it worse.

YOU WE'RE MY FAVORITE! WHY!!! #gameofthrones

— Firdaus Azhar (@FirdausAzhar)

17. People tried to joke. It wasn’t funny.

Too Soon? #GameOfThrones

— Jon Snow (@JonSnowBastrd)

18. No. The only thing that makes it better is knowing it’s all OK really.

i shit you not, i can't get rid of this headache.

— Pedro Pascal (@PedroPascal1)

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