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    Jason Statham Face-Planted In The Pool At The Commonwealth Games And It Probably Made His Career

    In related news: Jason Statham dived in the Commonwealth Games and face-planted in the pool.

    So this happened in 1990.


    As you can see, Jason looks really apprehensive.


    And in retrospect maybe that was because...


    ...this was about to happen.


    This woman was like: "Damn, that guy has just mashed his face up."


    And then he did it again in slow motion.


    And he was like: "That really hurt, maybe the judges will take pity."


    But they didn't.

    And Jason was sad.

    Columbia Pictures.

    But the story has a happy ending. Because it turned out Jason Statham face-planted so badly all the hair got knocked off his head.


    And to his surprise, that made him about 10 million times cooler. And he appeared in Crank, which is pretty much the best film ever made.


    And The Transporter, in which he has funniest accent of all time and pretty much kicks more ass than a film character has ever kicked before.

    20th Century Fox

    And that is the story of Jason Statham's Face-Plant, or How You Should Always Follow Your Dreams.

    AP Photo/Sang Tan, File

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