How Much Of A Gentleman Are You?

Debrett’s Guide for the Modern Gentleman, updated last year, makes the rules very clear.

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  1. 1. Which of these statements is true of a quintessential suit?
    1. It has a sharp, 90 degree angle between the shoulder and the sleeve.
    2. It’s well-padded, so as to bulk up the shoulder line.
    3. It has a large area between the lapel and the collar so as to show off more of your shirt.
    4. It should hug the waist as tightly as possible.
  2. 2. You're about to kiss someone on the cheek in a social situation. Which of these statements is true?
    1. You should kiss them on the left cheek first.
    2. If possible, you should attempt to air kiss.
    3. You should keep your hands above the waist at all times.
    4. You should try to kiss both cheeks.
  3. 3. Which of these statements about dating is true?
    1. The best way to ask a person out is with a well-crafted email.
    2. Answering texts during the date is acceptable, but calls are not.
    3. If you’re running late, it’s better to text your date and let them know.
    4. You shouldn’t try to get your date into bed.
  4. 4. When should you stand up for your date?
    1. Only if they go to the loo.
    2. If they’ve left the table for more than five minutes.
    3. When they enter the room for the first time.
    4. Any time they leave the table.
  5. 5. Who pays?
    1. Whoever requested the date, pays for the pleasure.
    2. You should always go Dutch.
    3. A man should always pay.
    4. A woman should always pay.
  6. 6. You're on the Tube. When must you offer a woman your seat?
    1. At any opportunity.
    2. Never.
    3. If the woman is pregnant or elderly.
    4. Only on the Jubilee or Bakerloo lines.
  7. 7. Which of these statements about shaking hands is true?
    1. Be as firm as possible.
    2. Establish eye contact.
    3. Your fingers should never grip the other person’s palm.
    4. Your hand should be limp.
  8. 8. You're wearing a black tail coat (single breasted), black trousers, a white marcella shirt, a thin white bow tie and black patent lace-up shoes. What are you wearing?
    1. Black tie.
    2. Morning dress.
    3. White tie.
    4. Funeral wear.
  9. 9. What's the correct amount to tip a hotel bellboy in units (dollars, euros or pounds)?
    1. Around ten units.
    2. Around five units.
    3. One or two units per case.
    4. They shouldn’t be tipped.
  10. 10. You're at the urinal. Which of these statements is correct?
    1. You should never leave an empty urinal between you and the next man.
    2. Don’t use the cubicle if you can just go next to someone.
    3. Never use a hand to balance against the wall for steadier aim.
    4. Be aware of your surroundings: make sure you look left and right.
  11. 11. Which of these statements about napkins is true?
    1. You can use them to dab your mouth.
    2. It’s better to call them a “serviette”.
    3. The correct way to use them is to tuck them into your shirt collar.
    4. You should fold your napkin and put it back on the table when done.
  12. 12. They're the classic office and business shoes, with distinctive toe patterns and matched with jeans when brown. They are:
    1. Derbies.
    2. Brogues.
    3. Monk Shoes.
    4. Oxfords.
  13. 13. Which of these is acceptable at a gentleman's club?
    1. Inviting more than one guest.
    2. Talking about work.
    3. Tipping the staff.
    4. Networking.
  14. 14. Which of these statements about underwear is true?
    1. It should always be patterned.
    2. Navy underwear is acceptable.
    3. Going commando is not just for emergencies.
    4. It’s ok if your trousers don’t cover your underwear.
  15. 15. You're wearing a black or grey coat (usually black), matching trousers, a plain white shirt with a stiff turned down collar, a black or silver woven silk tie, and black lace-up shoes. What are you wearing?
    1. White tie.
    2. Morning dress.
    3. Black tie.
    4. Bar Mitzvah dress.

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