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    Here Are Some Of The Cartoons In The New Issue Of Charlie Hebdo

    It features cartoons by the artists who were killed and several that mock terrorism.

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    The latest edition of Charlie Hebdo went on sale this morning and already appears to have sold out.

    MARTIN BUREAU/AFP / Getty Images

    It includes cartoons by four of the cartoonists who were killed in the attack – Georges Wolinski, Jean Cabut, Stephane Charbonnier (aka Charb), and Bernard Verlhac (aka Tignous).

    Charlie Hebdo
    Charlie Hebdo

    They're in the front of the book with the editor-in-chief's editorial.

    All five cartoonists who were killed have their work on the page: Philippe Honoré (aka Honoré) also has his work displayed.

    The caption on this reads: "What future for our jihadis?"

    Charlie Hebdo

    "Security guard at Carrefour [a hypermarket chain]?"

    This page has cartoons by Charb.

    Charlie Hebdo
    Charlie Hebdo

    This sketch about the artists concludes: "We are Charlie, and we are the millions of little people in the street."

    Charlie Hebdo
    Charlie Hebdo

    The line at the bottom reads: "But until when?"

    This cartoon says: "Wolinski thanks you! I've got my boner back!"

    Charlie Hebdo / Via

    There are more cartoons on the back cover.

    Charlie Hebdo

    This one appears to depict the Kouachi brothers.

    Charlie Hebdo

    They ask: "Where are the 70 virgins?"

    The reply: "They're with the Charlie team, losers!"

    This one compares artists and terrorists.

    Charlie Hebdo

    "A designer at Charlie Hebdo, that's 25 years of work.

    "A terrorist, that's 25 seconds of work.

    "Terrorism, a job for lazy people and wankers."

    This is captioned: "New friends".

    Charlier Hebdo

    "Meanwhile, in Bangladesh..."

    Charlie Hebdo

    "All our hearts are with you."

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