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Freddy's Restaurant From "House Of Cards" Is Up For Sale

If you've got $119,000 to spend and fancy a disused Baltimore shop front, this is the property for you.

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Here's the store, at 2601 Greenmount Ave., Baltimore.


Yup: Freddy's isn't actually in Washington, D.C.

In the first season, Frank Underwood would retreat there when he wanted private time.

At one point Freddy tells Frank why the ribs taste so good: They're the result of the illegal "slow-bleed" method of slaughtering that increases suffering for the cattle. This may have a metaphorical undertone.

And in the second season, the shack comes to the fore.

Without wanting to give away spoilers, Freddy becomes something of a pawn in the game Frank is playing.

Owner Mahmut Nazli is selling it for $119,000, though its most recent valuation was $21,000.

That's the Underwood effect right there.