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    Facebook Has Gone Wild For These Two Guilty Children Who’ve Just Covered Themselves In Facepaint


    This is completely adorable.

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    And the reason it's so great is: we have all been this child.

    Hands up, who hasn't been involved in an exchange like this?

    Or ever had to play innocent.

    Or had to answer a very difficult question.

    Or thought they could turn the tables.

    Or feigned ignorance.

    Or has had to answer a very difficult question (again).

    And who hasn't had that awesome moment of realisation...that you might just have got away with it.

    Updated: Alecia DiMario, the mother of the two kids, has got in touch!

    She says:

    My husband's name is Cris, and we live in San Diego, CA. The video was taken in May of 2012, at which time my son Ryder was 3 years old and Sawyer, was 2 years old. When our videos are too large to send to our family, who live in Vermont and Central California to see, we will often post on YouTube as a means of easier access for them.

    I can't believe how huge this has gotten. I'm amazed really! I'm glad people see the humor in this and that so many were able to reminisce and relate. Just a great reminder not to take ourselves or our children too seriously. These times will pass all too fast!