Everyone Finds Thierry Henry Really Arousing And This Is Why

His looks may have something to do with it.

1. This is Thierry Henry, who’s commentating on the World Cup for the BBC.

Clive Brunskill / Getty

2. He used to be very, very good at football.

3. Amazing, in fact. But we’re not concerned with that now.

4. The thing is, Thierry Henry is a very attractive man.

Mike Segar / Reuters / Reuters

5. You need to understand this.

6. People like his voice.

Thierry Henry, as much as I still haven't forgiven him, has some voice. Like silk it is. Massages my ears. #BrazilNuts

— Paddy Power (@paddypower)

"Thierry Henry's voice is like a hot chocolate by the fireplace in a rich mans library in a cold December night." @rich_nye your lover

— Sonia Lowis (@sonialowisxo)

8. His skin.

I could actually kiss Thierry Henry . He has nice skin #bbcworldcup

— Adil Ray (@adilray)

9. They like him in a suit.

Ian Gavan / Getty

10. In a cardigan.

I like Thierry Henry’s cardigan very much. That is the limit of my football analysis. #England

— Clare Balding (@clarebalding)

11. Yes, a cardigan.


12. With his shirt off.

Mike Stobe / Getty

13. They like him in all weather conditions.

Jeff Zelevansky / Getty Images

14. They really, really like him.

Thierry Henry is something special

— Princess Georg (@gmbxox)

Thierry Henry. I would. #eng

— Greg Jenner (@greg_jenner)

@greg_jenner Everyone would. :D

— ally (@SaucySilasFans)

17. And that’s because…

Charles Eshelman / Getty

18. …Thierry Henry…

Andy Marlin / Getty

19. …is hot.

Mike Stobe / Getty

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