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    Posted on Nov 19, 2014

    This Artist Takes Extremely Random MS Paint Requests And The End Results Are Quite Something

    "Jim", the man behind Jim'll Paint It, speaks!

    Hello. Here is a picture of Vladimir Putin as every member of the Village People.

    It was requested by Matty Knight.

    It's one of hundreds of requests "Jim" (he likes to keep his real identity under the radar) has taken. He tells BuzzFeed News:

    It all started because I got really, really bored and thought that a good way of being not so bored would be to draw some pictures on Paint. I was so bored, though, that I couldn't actually think of anything to draw so I asked my friends on Facebook and they asked me to draw stuff like "a frog eating a ham sandwich" and "a rubber chicken doing the Charleston" so I did. I posted my favourite ones on Tumblr and then while I was asleep I got about 150 requests from people I didn't know.

    "Dear Jim,

    Please paint me the T-Rex attack scene from Jurassic Park, but the T-Rex is the band T-Rex.


    Matthew Whitehouse"

    He says:

    I used to do them on my lunch hour but nowadays they take about 6 hours and sometimes a lot longer if there's a lot of faces in them. Recently I've tried to do a few in under an hour so I can video the process but it's hard to go back to a simplistic style once you've got into the habit of adding as much detail as possible.

    Ainsley Harriott, son of God.

    As requested by Stephen Savage Savage Savage.

    We asked Jim what his personal favourite is. He said:

    That's hard. I'm usually most excited about whichever one I've just done even if it doesn't get the best response. But I also really like the earlier ones because I feel they were more surreal and challenging. It was a lot of fun trying to imagine what a guinea pig version of Burt Reynolds would look like or a turtle having a tennis lesson. The nature of the project has changed over the past 18 months and while there is definitely still an element of surrealism I think there's only so much randomness you can take before it becomes a bit tiresome. The most successful recent suggestions have been more simple; taking familiar elements of pop culture and putting unexpected twists on them.

    And he says this might be the weirdest request he's ever received.

    Dear Jim,

    Can you please paint me Davina McCall with dreadlocks, cooking a full English breakfast on the beach, and all of the seagulls at the beach are in karate kit and/or Nazi uniforms and are attacking her and her breakfast is on fire and there’s a dog poo on the beach (it’s not a very nice beach) and she’s smiling a lot staring right at you smiling in a really creepy way with big gold hoop earrings in and can Davina please be dressed in pajamas and have spiders coming out of her eyes a little bit.

    This painting would make me very happy, thank you.

    Gemma Sherman

    Jim says:

    The weirdest requests came early on and I've forgotten/lost many of them. Probably the weirdest I ever got round to painting was this one: I love that Gemma only wanted spiders coming out of her eyes a little bit. It's restraint like that that really makes a request stand out.

    Brian Blessed punching a polar bear in the face.

    As requested by Emily Griffin and Lyam Brabson.

    And the most exciting news is – his work is now being compiled into a book.

    Faber and Faber / Jim'll Paint It
    Faber and Faber / Jim'll Paint It

    And that, my friends, is all your Christmas presents sorted.

    Dear Jim,

    Please can you paint me Jim Bowen and Bully making a break for it in the Bullseye speedboat… perhaps in a Thelma and Louise-style leap to freedom?


    Matthew Mella

    And what about the future? Jim says:

    There are a couple of exciting collaborations in the pipeline which I'll be announcing closer to the time. Jim'll Paint It has completely taken over my life and the release of the book has meant there's a whole new audience seeing it for the first time which is really exciting. Part of the project's success is that I paint every request for free, selling prints to pay the bills. Unfortunately Facebook's recent switch to a 'pay-to-play' dynamic means that only about 16% of my followers now see my posts. It doesn't really matter though. So long as I'm still receiving requests, there will always be Jim'll Paint It.

    Dear Jim,

    Please paint me a bat in a leotard being distracted by a violin sticking out of a rainbow coloured bottle bank next to a three legged toffee crisp holding a mushroom and half a wasp. In the background is a turtle having a tennis lesson, and an upside down Taj Mahal covered in ears.


    Darren Harvey

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