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It's Very Hard Not To Laugh At This Sleeping Dog Whose Owners Keep Dressing Him Up

Why does this make me laugh so much?

Meet Rufus. He's a three-year-old pharaoh hound.

He's owned by Sara Rehnmark, a photographer, actress and model, who lives in Santa Monica with her husband Brian, a TV comedy writer.

This was her first effort: her family is Swedish so she turned Rufus into a reindeer for her dad's birthday card, whereupon this became a thing.

She tells BuzzFeed she sets up most of these pictures while he's sleeping.

She says: "When he wakes up he usually looks at me like I am crazy and puts his head right back down!"

"The others he comes over and lays down while I am trying to set up and takes a nap."

"Also, he will let me mould him like putty if he knows there is a treat is in it for him!"

She says: "Since day one we noticed Rufus was incredibly smart."

"He rings the bell when he has to go potty, smiles on command and can put his toys away when we tell him to clean up, among other tricks."

"Like most sight hounds when outside he is very energetic but inside he loves to sleep – as you can tell!"

"When we come home to him we know there is always a wiggling Rufus with a big toothy smile waiting for us!"

"For some reason that leads to sneezing."

"I think because all the smiling tickles his nose!"

You can find out more about Rufus here.

What a dog.

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