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    These Pictures From Mr Blobby's Abandoned Theme Park Will Haunt Your Nightmares


    Remember Mr Blobby?

    He was utterly terrifying.

    It's basically impossible to explain to today's youth how this ever became a thing. /

    In case any of them are confused, Mr Blobby was part of the "entertainment" on a popular (no really) '90s Saturday night show presented by Noel Edmonds called Noel's House Party.

    Mr Blobby used to say "blobby blobby blobby" and knock things over, and he was awful.

    This picture and the one above are from the opening of Blobbyland. /

    That's right. This fucking monstrosity had its own theme park.

    It was called "Dunblobbin", and it was to be found in the grounds of the stately home in Cricket St Thomas in Somerset. It was a part of the Crinkley Bottom attraction that Edmonds opened in 1994.

    In 1999, Crinkley Bottom was shut down. It became a hotel and wildlife park, but Dunblobbin was left untouched.

    There were a number of other Mr Blobby theme parks, one of which resulted in a local council scandal.

    Well, now an urban explorer called Urbanexboi has explored what's left of Dunblobbin.

    And it is the grimmest thing you've ever seen.

    Urbanexboi / Urbanexboi /

    Urbanexboi told the Daily Mail: "It was strange to see the place after watching Noel's House Party as a child in the 1990s. Dunblobbin was different from my usual stuff, but we decided it would be something different and worth doing."

    He added: "I'm glad I managed to see it as it has recently been bulldozed into history ... It was a very strange experience for me."

    Urbanexboi / Urbanexboi /

    To misquote Percy Bysshe Shelley...

    "My name is Mr Blobby, king of kings..."

    Urbanexboi / Urbanexboi /

    "Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!"

    Urbanexboi / Urbanexboi /


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