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    "Beezin'" Is The Ridiculous Craze Of Getting High By Putting Lip Balm On Your Eyelids That The Media Has Sort Of Made Up

    Journalists need to stop trying to make this happen.

    So kids are apparently rubbing Burt's Beeswax lip balm on their eyelids in order to get high.

    That's according to this Fox-25 news report.

    There are some important things we should note about this.

    First, the evidence that anyone's doing this to get "high" is a bit thin on the ground. The lip balm contains peppermint oil. It hurts like hell. As the report points out, it causes inflamation and swelling, which just isn't a good thing to happen to your eyes.

    Two: it looks like most of the kids doing it aren't doing it to get high, they're doing it because they're bored out of their minds revising for exams and literally any experience is better than revising – even a burning sensation in your eyes.

    And three – and most importantly – it didn't appear to be a thing until the media said it was.

    A quick trawl of social media will tell you some kids did try this in late 2012/early 2013.

    There are a few tweets and a handful of YouTube videos, including this parody.

    View this video on YouTube

    Then there's pretty much radio silence.

    Although it did get its first media report in late 2013. Fast forward to this month and suddenly you'll see... media reports on Beezin' being a new thing, some people expressing outrage that kids are Beezin', and a couple of kids trying it out, presumably because they read about it in the media.

    Move along people.

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