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    An Artist Transformed Online Hatred Sent To Caitlyn Jenner Into A Work Of Art

    Conor Collins says his piece was created to "show what trans people experience each day".

    This portrait of Caitlyn Jenner was created entirely out of hateful tweets, including death threats, directed at Jenner after she announced she had transitioned.

    It was created by Manchester-based artist Conor Collins.

    When asked about his inspiration, Collins told BuzzFeed that he wasn't "inspired" by what he'd seen on the internet: "I think 'inspiration' gives the idea of energy and motivation. It was something much sadder... that drove me."

    He said that he admired how Jenner had used her position and privilege to make a difference, "So naturally like anyone curious I went on her Twitter to see more, and was horrified by some of the comments. When I saw these, I wanted to show them because it is a reality of what trans people experience every day."

    Collins cited the example of Tamara Dominguez, a transgender woman who was run over multiple times Monday in what police say might have been a hate crime.

    He added: "Caitlyn is making a difference to the trans community – however I didn't want to hide the darkness and persecution they face in my art piece. It just wouldn't be fair."

    "It was horrible having to research and write the tweets onto the canvas."

    He said the only way he could get through the process of making the painting – which resembles a similar project he did about the hatred sent to Tom Daley after he came out – was by "working through half a bottle of whiskey... [I] didn't stop working on the painting till the small hours of the morning."

    "I am not sure how I kept a steady hand," he added, "However, I don't think I could have written so much hate sober."