An Artist Is Swapping Her Secrets With Strangers In New York And It’s Rather Lovely

Nova Pan’s Exchange Secrets project is something quite beautiful.

1. Nova Pan (left) is a senior year major in graphic design at School of Visual Arts in New York.

2. She’s collecting secrets in public places by offering strangers the chance to swap them with her own.

3. She tells BuzzFeed: “I wanted to do something that would make people happy on my birthday.”

“The first thing that came to mind was my best friend’s story. She told me a secret about herself that she had bottled up inside for four years, and I will never forget about her painful expression before she finally let it all out.”

6. “That got me thinking, and inspired me to create a little release moment for strangers who have secrets.”

9. “I want to sit with them and let them know that there is a person they can talk to.”

12. “We all deal with a range of emotions after experiencing some form of suffering, and some of us keep it all inside thinking we have nobody to tell.”

“It feels really nice to sit face to face with a stranger. I remember a girl who looked into my eyes and said ‘you’re the only one person who knows this secret in the world’”.

16. “In this cold, and long winter, people have waited in line, and even sat with me on a rainy day just to share their secrets.”

21. “I hope everybody enjoys the moment while exchanging their secrets with me.”

“Also, I hope by receiving my secret and knowing who I am at the same time will encourage people to open themselves more.”

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Alan White is a news editor for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.
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