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Amnesty International Is Raising Funds By Selling Some Pretty Awesome Candles On eBay

Watch what happens when they melt down...

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Each one of these candles symbolises a different human rights injustice. Here's a political prisoner.

And here's a military rifle.

And here's a girl who's been forced into sexual slavery.

When they burn down, they reveal a symbol of hope. The first one shows the same man being reunited with his son.

This is a pen signing the world's first global Arms Trade Treaty.

And now the girl's free.

The candles will be auctioned for eight days: the process began on April 19.

You can bid here. One candle will be released every hour for 30 hours. All proceeds from the candles will go towards Amnesty International's work to defend and promote human rights. Learn more about the project here.