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A Mystery Teenager Has Appeared In Coventry. He Doesn't Know His Name, Age Or Where He Comes From

Charity workers say he "might as well have fallen from the sky."

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All he's managed to learn is that the boy boarded a bus in London. He thinks he came to the UK when he was six because "the lady in the house" told him that.But, when we gently asked what had gone on in the house, he became very nervous and as of now has said nothing.

He could well be the victim of people traffickers and fled to escape them.

He told the centre that while in the house he wasn't allowed outside and he did not go to school. All he had in his possession was a letter from a solicitor saying he was 'stateless'.

Because he's "stateless" he can't see a doctor or get help from various agencies. It's thought that he arrived in Coventry on 11 November.