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A Man With Cancer Left His Daughter Touching Life Advice On Hundreds Of Napkins

Garth Callaghan's inspirational work is a moving testament to the power of communication.

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This is Garth Callaghan. He's been diagnosed with cancer three times in the last two years. He has about an 8% chance of surviving another five years.

He worked in a sales job when his daughter Emma was young. He couldn't see her a lot, so he wrote napkin notes for her lunch box.

The odds of his seeing her graduate from high school are very low.

So he's written a LOT of notes.

Other parents have been inspired by his idea.

One wrote to him: "This is brilliant! As a mom who travels weekly for my job, I'm finding it difficult to stay connected and ways to prove that she's still my #1 priority. I'm stealing your idea, in my own way of course."

He tells BuzzFeed: "I just want parents to be able to take that extra step in the morning and realize how much impact this action has."

And he's also posted a note from his daughter.

You can visit Garth's website here.

And follow him on Facebook and Twitter.