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A Heroic Teen Saw A Guy Assault Two Police Officers And Escape So He Took Him Out

This kid could be Brighton's greatest teen.

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This is the moment a drunk criminal in Brighton managed to escape out of a police car and bundle over two female police officers.

Whereupon Kiya Ingham, 16, decided he wasn't having it.

The Evening Standard reports: "After leaping to action and dragging the suspect to the ground he directed another police car to the scene to help the officers already there."

He told the Daily Mail: "I took interest at what was happening inside the police car and sat at the bus stop for about 30 seconds. Then the man flipped. I dropped my bag, which had my tablet and phone in, and ran after him. I didn't think, it was just instinct. When I was running I was just hoping I could get him down, because if he did that to police officers he could do worse to me. You can see him point at me and say 'I know your face'.''

He's now been given an award for his bravery by the chief superintendent of Brighton and Hove police, AND he's given up trying to be a mechanic and now wants to be a police officer.

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