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A Guy Won A Free Holiday But Couldn't Take His Wife So He Made A Hilariously Miserable Photo Album

Kevin Blandford clearly had a terrible time.

Meet Kevin Blandford, 34, from Louisville, Kentucky. He's on a free holiday in Puerto Rico, and look how happy he is about it!

Kevin's a quality assurance supervisor for a large telecommunications company – and was one of 200 of about 50,000 employees who won a trip as a reward for extraordinary performance.

He felt he couldn't say no – but he and his wife Bonnie have a 7-month-old baby, so they couldn't leave her behind.

He told BuzzFeed: "Bringing her along was complicated due to the type of trip. [Bonnie] was upset that she couldn't go."

So Kevin wanted his holiday album to reflect how he felt about being away from them.

He said Bonnie found the pictures funny.

The photos quickly went viral on Imgur when he posted them under the title: "Not a single second of fun in Puerto Rico".

Of course, everyone wants to know who took the pictures.

He told us it was "a dedicated friend" (called Alec).

He added: "It's crazy how much this has blown up."

"I'm really glad it's made some people laugh."

Poor Kevin.