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    A Guy Lost His Monster In East London And Everyone's Keen To Help Him

    This is rather delightful.

    So, have you seen these posters around east London?

    What's the story here?

    Well, they were put up by James McMahon.

    He's received all sorts of replies. From people keen to help... those who claim to have found him...

    ...and even some who claim to have been feeding him.

    There have been sightings in coffee shops...

    ...furry replicas...

    ...and artist's sketches.

    James says he put about 50 posters up: "Basically, my last project was writing notes saying things like, 'ignore the voices, they mean you harm' and hiding them in hotel rooms under mattresses and whatnot on hotel chain headed notepaper, but a hotel chain asked me to stop doing that, so I started doing the Missing Monster thing."

    He's had a bunch of emails from China...

    ...and even a ransom request.

    And why's he doing it? James tells us:

    "I think people want magic in their lives, no matter how miserable the world seems. With my art, I like doing things that make people feel like a kid for five minutes, like scanning a stupid poster pinned to a tree (because I want to live in the sort of world where we had monsters for pets – 80s cartoons promised me that, they lied), having a giggle and forgetting about all the horrors that blare out on Twitter all day long."

    James tells us he likes "doing stuff where people go, 'why is that there?' Not for money. Only to try to add a smidgen of wonder."