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A Guy Appears To Have Instagrammed Some People Smuggling Themselves Into Britain In A Tanker

Around 12 people have been handed over to the Home Office's Border Controls team.

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This image was taken by Francis Castano on Tuesday morning.

Castano told BuzzFeed News that he was near the 24 Hour Stop in Folkestone on Junction 10 of the M20 when he took the picture.

"At the roundabout the traffic was slowing down and we noticed a tanker driving with people on it," he said. "They were getting out of the tanker hatch, which we found odd. The tanker carried on until he put the emergency light and stopped off the roundabout before the junction."

Castano said he saw "six or seven guys" getting off, but didn't know "if there were more inside". When he called the police, he was told they "already had some phone calls".

He added that it was a "bizarre place and time of the day to do it... Rush hour!" And he said: "When we came back at 8.30am the tanker was at Junction 10 with the police on site."

A spokesperson for Kent police said:

Kent Police was called just after 7.15am to reports of people getting out the top of a tanker on the sliproad of M20 junction 11. Police attended and located around 12 people, who are being handed over to the Home Office's Immigration Enforcement team to deal with.

No arrests have been made and Kent Police has left the scene.