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    A Cruel Thief Stole A Bride's Engagement Ring While She Was Saying Her Wedding Vows

    She's been left heartbroken.

    This is Caroline Marshall, 32, and James Granshaw, 29.

    Mervyn Granshaw

    They were getting married in Wishborough Green on 7 June. Just before the ceremony was due to start, Caroline realised she still had her engagement ring on. She slipped it off her finger and gave it to her bridesmaid, who put it in her black LK Bennett handbag for safekeeping. After the ceremony, they realised the bag had been stolen.

    The couple have now gone on their honeymoon, but Mervyn Granshaw, the groom's father, said it ruined the day. He told the Mirror: "This was not a drive-by or a walk-by theft, someone has walked up to the church and targeted it. I just despair. To steal a bride's engagement ring from a church - how low can you go?"

    The stolen handbag also had an iPhone in it, and the couple were able to track it for a couple of hours and saw it was being taken towards Haywards Heath before the signal went dead.

    This is the ring.

    Mervyn Granshaw

    It's quite distinctive, because James designed it specially for his wife.

    Mervyn Granshaw
    Mervyn Granshaw
    Mervyn Granshaw

    It has three marks on the inside: one small indentation with the letters "I&R" for the makers, Ingle & Rhode, a second with "950" indicating 95% platinum and third with a whiskered lion’s head facing you, the stamp of the London assay office.

    Anyone with information is asked to contact Mervyn Granshaw on

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